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Frequently asked questions

There’s lots to consider if you’re thinking of becoming a locksmith. And there’s definitely a lot of training options to explore.

These FAQ’s should answer most queries about what makes Dr Lock unique in the industry but if you’d like to know more about the course, the different packages, our own exclusive network, and all the benefits during and after your training,  please do get in touch

Is there a qualification at the end of the training?

Not as such. Despite what other training organisations may tell you, there is no such thing as a ‘qualification’ in locksmithing. Some are paid awards, others simply printed certificates but there is nothing to give anyone official locksmith certification similar to a gas engineer or electrician. At the end of your course however you will receive a certificate of completion for your training.

How do I set up an account with suppliers?

With your completion certificate and my contacts you’ll have no problem at all creating an account with any major supplier. But that’s part of my service anyway as I will introduce you and oversee your account set-up with them personally. That’s not because there’s any kickbacks going on, it’s just the fact that everybody gets to enjoy the best discounts being part of such a large group under the banner of the UK National Locksmith Network.

Can I purchase tools from Dr Lock?

Yes. I traditionally stayed away from offers on tools and stock but I’ve been asked so many times by past students that I decided to offer the different tool packages to make students ‘real life’ locksmith set-up that much faster and easier. You don’t have to opt for one of these packages however, it’s the same training either way. 

Is it classroom based like other training courses?

Definitely not. I am a working locksmith and that will never change. I believe that you should experience live locksmith situations and you can expect around 75% of the training to be on the road training on real jobs. You can make the entry’s and fix the doors etc. It is critical you know how easy it is for training organisations to tell you whatever they like about the job because you will not know the truth until after their training. With me you start and finish on the road so you will see exactly how everything works, from questioning working techniques, right through all the different types of jobs and onto the financial rewards.

Is it really only one-to-one training?

Yes, it’s entirely one-to one. I always focus on one student at a time unless two people are looking to set up a business together or it’s relatives wanting to train with each other. If that’s the case, I’ve already trained a good few father and son teams.

Is there any written work?

No. All the training is hands on and there are no tests or written work. 

What happens after the training, do I still get help?

Absolutely. You’ll be given the basis to a lot of problem solving with my locksmith ‘bible’, you can call me at any time for advice and you’ll be part of a network of over 150 working locksmiths who all help each on a dedicated and very active Whatsapp group. Plus, if you wish, you can join me on extra ride-along days for free.

What’s involved in a ride-along day?

After the course you can return free of charge for a pre-booked two-day slot and spend a couple of days working with me and one other who could join us from our network. It offers not only a chance to meet someone else from the network but also a chance to brush up on your skills and chew the locksmithing fat!!

How long is the telephone helpline applicable for?

Your helpline to me is free and completely open ended whenever you might need it. Unlike most other training providers there is no time limit on the help line and no charge EVER!

The UK Locksmith Network, how does it work?

Our exclusive UK Locksmith Network works better than any other simply because it’s my rule to not train anyone within 15 miles of a previous student. This means that nobody on the network is competing with one another and everyone chips in to help everyone else. And since they all remember what it was like starting off, and being grateful for the free advice they received, now they like to provide the same.

Do we need to be in the training space at all?

Depending on what jobs we get on the road the time we require in the training space will vary. However, I have a fully kitted out training space with all the latest equipment and plenty to do!

If I’m travelling to you, what about accomodation?

I can inform you of the best places to stay close to me and if you arrive by train I’m happy to pick you up and drop you back each day. And since you will be staying nearby, there’s always the opportunity to join me for extra training on night callouts.

How do I book?

Just call me a call or drop a message and I will give you more info about the course and the available dates. Then if you want to join us I send you an invoice and you pay a deposit via bank transfer or card over the phone. The balance payment is due either on or before the first day of training.