Auto Locksmith Training

Frequently asked questions

There’s lots to know about auto locksmithing, particularly the expertise and equipment required for car key cutting and programming. But we think our training is your very best platform for all those essential skills.

And while these FAQ’s hopefully explain a little how Dr Lock training is different from the many other auto courses out there (both during and after), if you do have any specific queries please do get in touch.

Is the course suitable for beginners ?

The course is designed for absolute beginners. You will be taught from scratch on all aspects of auto locksmithing, whether you are an established domestic locksmith or totally fresh to the industry.

Will I be able to work straight after the course?

Yes. As with the domestic course you’ll have access to a network of working auto locksmiths who can guide you whatever the problem and a telephone helpline to me at any time. With the enhanced 2 day course you also get my auto Locksmith ‘Bible’ to provide answers for nearly all situations and extra, free of charge, ride along days if you require them.

I have been told it is very expensive to become an auto locksmith?

Whilst you can spend large sums of money on different machines and stock, we can steer you into the marketplace with a fully working set up for as little as 6k and we have done deals with major suppliers so that we can put packages together to suit your budget.

Will I be training with the latest equipment?

Yes, we have all the up-to-date equipment including Smartpro, Zedfull, Miracle, Xhorse, Xpad, IM508 etc and we can train you on the machines that are within your budget to get you started.

What’s the best equipment to buy for programming keys?

This is the most asked question I get but unfortunately it’s not one with a definitive answer. There is no silver bullet for programming, but we can discuss best options within your specific budget when you are on the course.

Is it getting harder to programme car keys ?

That’s something that’s said every time there’s a significant breakthrough in transponder technology. The truth is that every time a manufacturer gets a little smarter so do the programming tech guys. You may have to update or upgrade your tech as time passes but that’s the same with a lot of professions.

Is there any written work on the course?

As with our domestic course there is absolutely no written work whatsoever; it’s all practical and real work. I have written ‘the Bible’  for you (enhanced day course only) so that you can always refer to that for anything you covered on the course.

Can I really come back for Ride-Along Days if I want to?

Yes. I generally advertise the ride-alongs twice a month. If you do join us on the enhanced 2 Day Course you can join myself or Mo as often as you like, one or two days at a time, working on the road on real jobs totally free of charge.

Do I need to join any organisations?

You get lifetime membership of the UK Locksmith Network free of charge when you train with us. But for car key programming it will be beneficial to have accounts with organisations such as Instacode and ASC to help with key bitting and passcodes etc. We will discuss all this and more on the course.

How long is the telephone helpline applicable for?

Your helpline to me is free and completely open ended whenever you might need it. Unlike most other training providers there is no time limit on the help line and no charge EVER!

Is accommodation included on the auto course?

No. But we can send you a list of places local to our premises if you want to stay.

How do I book?

Just call or drop a message to me and I will give you all the info about the course and the available dates. Then if you want to join us we send you an invoice and you pay a deposit via bank transfer or card over the phone. The balance payment is due either on or before the first day of training.

How many students will be on the course?

This is a bit different to the domestic training. I run the course(s) in collaboration with Mo, another experienced Auto Locksmith who trades as North West Auto Locksmith. So with two trainers providing Auto Training, sometimes there may be 2 students per course.

But, since when we book your dates that slot is set in stone, if nobody else arranges training for the same days then it will be just you.