Auto Locksmith Training




4-day one to one training course 1600.00 all in no vat including accommodation


This course is designed to give students who have little or no experience an insight into auto locksmithing.


The course is a foundation for you to build a career in the auto locksmith industry.


In general auto locksmithing is a very technical business with lots to learn and remember which makes it difficult to sit in a classroom for 5/8/10 days listening to someone talking!


I offer a course which is 90% hands on working both in the training space and on the road in live situations.


My course will cover the following.


  • Car entry both through car and using entry tools all nondestructive entry techniques
  • picking and decoding modern automotive locks both laser and side cut keys
  • making keys and understanding codes
  • programming keys
  • transponders and transponder production
  • key cloning using the latest technology
  • how to find pin codes and other vital information
  • An introduction to EEPROM
  • vital questions you need to ask customers when the phone rings
  • we also cover van set up advertising and marketing your business.


During the course you will use the very latest key cutting key programming and cloning equipment.


I also offer two completely free of charge “ride along” days so that you can get going then return at a later date and brush up your skills.


I have found this to be a great way of getting the full training schedule in without having to spend to long in one set time frame which can make it less likely for you to take in all that you need.


I also offer a comprehensive auto locksmith “BIBLE” which will complement everything we have covered and give you a page by page car by car insight into all the different manufacturers and their different requirements and plenty of room for notes.


On top of all that you will get access to our growing network of auto locksmiths on WhatsApp where you can ask for help post pictures and generally have a natter about all thing’s auto locksmith.


You also get 24-hour access to my helpline if you get stuck on a job.


Finally, the beauty of staying here is that we can get out and work in the evening on live jobs if the phone rings.


For more info or to book a course please contact me via the web site or call Nick on 07884228462

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