Auto Locksmith Training


I am selling my auto locksmith business as I no longer have time to do both.


This is the opportunity of a lifetime for someone who is wanting to get into auto locksmithing without all the hassle of trying to work out what to buy and where to go!


If you are interested, please read on.


The next course will be for the candidate who is purchasing the auto side of my business.


Please read carefully what I am offering.


This is a very lucrative business and requires the full attention of its owner and at the moment I cannot do that as I am very busy with the domestic commercial and training.


I am offering full training plus ride along days.


All my kit which is a huge bundle of top of the line gear most of it renewed within the last 2 years so not tired old stuff! including a fully loaded smart pro with 86 purchased software’s ( used about 6 times) a fully loaded miracle A9s with very little use and a brand new Keyline Falcon Tibbe cutter. Plus, over 350 fob keys and over 600 key repair shells.


I have calculated the cost of this sale based on the new cost of all my equipment less 5k so the web site design, ads campaign, training, good will and most importantly future business is all free!!


(if you are interested please contact me and I will send you the full list.)


I am looking for a candidate on my patch as I have Garages, Shops, dealers, Businesses and repeat business customers who all ring me for jobs.


Ideally you will be in or around Bolton Bury Blackburn Wigan etc or willing to travel into that area.


I am currently getting roughly 10 to 12 calls a week on the auto side (without any direct advertising) which I am turning away as I cannot do the work when I am training on the domestic side.


These calls and anything else would all be passed directly to you.


I would continue to advertise through Dr lock for auto work which I would also pass on to you.


You would get my google ads campaign which is very well established (obviously you would take over the payment of it) but I would be happy to leave it set up as Dr Lock until you feel confident to move it over to your company name.


1 week training plus ride out days with me and a Leeds/ Manchester based locksmith just so you can experience the job on the road plus we can have days out together as you progress to get you going in the right direction.


You would also get access to our auto locksmith network which currently has 16 working auto guys to help you along the way one of the members is in south Manchester and I would organise for you to meet and share work/problems..


Access to my helpline indefinitely


I am also offering you a web site designed and produced by our locksmith specialist web designer Glen Ashby. (you must come up with a company name)


I would make all your introductions to suppliers and colleagues.


The package does not include a van or my company name website or number however as I will be out of the game, I can feed you everything I get which as we stand is about 30 to 40 calls a month. This would equate to around £5000 per month in revenue before you start doing your own advertising.


You will be able to gauge what I get when you are training with me as it will be 1 to 1 training and I am happy to sign paperwork stating that I will not train anyone else on your area and will not be returning to the job myself.


I have been established in Bury/Bolton as an auto locksmith for over ten years so you will be effectively tacking over my business and my spotless feedback giving you the ability to literally hit the ground running with a huge amount of stock and tools.


For everything above, I am looking for £55000 all in including the vat


Please bear in mind that my key programmer alone would cost in excess of 20k plus the vat and I have got literally hundreds of other items.


Please contact me on 07884 228462 for further details or send me your email address for the full list of my stock and tools.




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