Auto Locksmith Training

Personal, focused training & continued support.

Considering an auto locksmith career? There’s lots to think about, especially when it comes to car key cutting and programming. But you’ve got to start somewhere and at Dr Lock we can train and show you how to launch your own auto locksmith business from as little as 6k, including the means for cutting, cloning, and programming keys.

You’ll be learning at my dedicated training space, complete with the latest equipment, and crucially you’ll be experiencing ‘live’ training on the road too.

But the big difference with Dr Lock compared with other auto training is the focused attention you’ll receive. We never have more than 2 students on any one course and it’s not just me who’ll be training you but also a previous graduate, and now skilled auto locksmith, Mo of North West Auto Locksmiths. He has his own thriving business but he can easily relate to new trainees and it’s together we bring our collective experience to guide you through all the various techniques and equipment.

But giving you confidence in newfound skills that will help you earn straight away is only part of the package. You still have unlimited access to my advice hotline after your course as well.

And it’s not only me or Mo you can turn to, you’ll have the backing of a whole network. The exclusive UK Locksmith Network you’ll be part of on completion of the course includes 60+ auto locksmiths all with knowledge and experience you can access just by dropping a question and or photo in our dedicated Whatsapp group.

Plus after the course you get to take away the famed Dr Lock auto locksmith ‘bible’, an invaluable resource that is an easy reference for nearly all daily scenarios. And if you might like a refresher on anything after your training there’s the guarantee that you can always return for further Ride Along Days with Mo for FREE if you like.

With Dr Lock it really is not just 2 days of training and then you’re on your own. You have our full support until you are totally confident on your own. And the support of the UK Locksmith Network whose members all want you to succeed just as they have.

One Great Course And Support Beyond

From car lock basics, to gaining entry to a locked vehicle, to cutting & programming cay keys and the equipment you need, we can give you the best start to your new career. And the right support to make it a success.

2 Day Course

Auto Locksmith Training


You Will Learn

Lishi Pick Training

Learn How To Open

NE72 Renault lock

HU66 VW/Audi group lock

HU101 Ford lock

We will also dismantle a Vauxhall HU100 lock so you can get a better understanding of how a modern car wafer lock works

Reach Thru Training

Discover all about

How to use reach tools to open a car when lock picking is not possible. Includes methods with lasso push rods and air bag & wedge techniques

There will also be a chance to open a car in real life (even if it is only your own)

Car Lock Decoding

Explainations About

How Car Locks Work

Lock Decoding

Understanding Instacode

Key Cutting

In My Unit

Cutting keys on modern CNC ‘cut to code’ machines from decodes

Cutting keys to copy
Assembling flip keys and rigid keys

Refurbishing broken car keys

Key Cutting & Programming

on Ride Along Jobs

How to use programmers for different vehicle manufacturers

Programming keys (on road)

Using remote makers (on road)

Retrieving pin codes (on road)

Business Advice

Getting Your Name Out There

Obtaining work from garages

Using Facebook marketing
Using Google Ads


After The Course

Lifetime membership of the UK National Locksmith Network

Access to the collective knowledge, and willing help, of over 60 auto locksmith members of the NLN

Use of UK NLN branding for workwear, social media etc

Free UK NLN van decals

And if you feel the need, you can even return for extra ride along days for FREE!